About Empuriabrava

Part of Empuriabrava's canal system
Part of the canal system

Empuriabrava is a unique coastal town of the Alt Emporda region in the far North East of Spain and forms part of the municipality of Castello d’Empuries in the province of Girona. It is 25 miles (44km) from the French border, 11 miles (18km) from the nearest large town Figueres and Girona itself is only a 40 minute drive away.

Empuriabrava is unique because much of its beautiful residential area is built on and around a system of canals. The majority of these residencies have a mooring at the bottom of the garden making Empuriabrava the largest residential marina in Europe, if not the world!

Boating is a large part of what Empuriabrava is all about. It has around 5000 moorings and 24kms of navigable canals as well as a lovely marina which is ideal not only for yachts but long lunches watching the world go by from the many restaurants on the waterfront.

The marina at Empuriabrava
Empuriabrava Marina

Although more and more people are living in Empuriabrava all year round it is still very much a holiday destination. Visitors will stay in either villas, apartments, hotels or camp sites and will enjoy the beautiful beach, the many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, take tours of the canals or be adventurous and go scuba or sky diving. In fact, a good indication that you are nearing Empuriabrava is when you can see parachutes falling like confetti from the sky!

The town itself is situated in a rectangle of land bordered by the rivers Salins to the north and the Muga to the south. The western boundary is the Figures/Roses road whilst the box is completed by the Mediterranean Sea which gives Empuriabrava a kilometre of beach front although there are some six kilometres of beach either side of the rivers.

Travelling to Empuriabrava

Getting to Empuriabrava is easy. There are three airports that serve the region. Perpignan in France is an hour’s drive away whilst Barcelona and Girona (with its Ryanair link) are in the South and take two hours and 45 minutes respectively.

If you are driving to Empuriabrava your best bet is to take the E-15/A-7 motorway and get off at Junction 3 if your are traveling from France or Junction 4 if you are coming from the south e.g. Girona or Barcelona. Which ever junction you take you will get onto the N-II. Travel along the N-II (for 6.1 Km if you are coming from the north or 5.8 Km if you are coming from the south) until you see the exit for Roses (you will be near Figueres). Simply follow the signs for Roses as you travel along the C-260 for 13.5 Km until you get to Empuriabrava.