Empuriabrava Bars and Cafés


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Empuriabrava has countless bars and cafés to choose from. There are three main areas where the majority of bars and cafés can be found but in reality you can find places for refreshment all over town, particularly in the summer when all of the bars and cafés are open.

The Beach Front

Many of the bars and cafés along the beach front are open all day and have terraces so you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or evening drink overlooking the Mediterranean and Costa Brava coastline. A lot of the beach bars and cafés also serve food so there is no reason to leave!

The Marina

All around the Marina but especially on the town side there are a number of bars and cafés where you can watch the boats heading out for a day at sea or entering the canal system. You will also be able to see all of the different boats that use the marina moorings.


There are bars and cafés all the way along the main road (Sant Mori) and shopping area of town. Some of these places do not open in the day which means that they will be open until the very early hours of the morning, especially those on the far right of town. You may not want to take your mother there!

Useful Information

Most of the bars and cafés have table service so you do not have to order at the bar although many of them do have bar stools if that is where you prefer to sit. Tipping is optional and you can give 10%-15% if you like (the waiter isn’t going to object!) but a few cents is normal if you just have a coffee.

Don’t forget that you are in Europe. This means that you can order coffee in a bar at night without raising any eyebrows but when you do have a drink, especially spirits, then it will be a big drink! Don’t expect to get all of your tonic water into the glass if you order a G&T!

Bar and Café Phrases

Por favor – Please
Gracias – Thank you

Cafe con leche – Coffee with milk (hot milk like a cappuccino)
Cortado – an espresso with a very small amount of milk
Cafe solo – an espresso
Un Carajillo – an espresso with brandy (or some other spirit of your choice)
Agua con gas – Fizzy water
Agua sin gas – Still water
Zumo natural – freshly squeezed juice
Zumo de botella – Bottled juice
Con/sin heilo – with/without ice
Cerveza – Beer
Cerveza a presión – Draught Beer
Cerveza de botella – Bottled beer
– a glass of beer
Una clara – a shandy

Vino tinto – Red wine
Vino blanco – White wine
Vino rosado – Rosé
Vaso – Glass (e.g. Un vaso de agua – a glass of water)
Copa – Glass with a stem (e.g. una copa de vino tinto – a glass of red wine)
La cuenta – the bill
Donde está el servicio/ el baño? – Where’s the toilet?