7 Myths About Condoms, Which it’s Time to Stop Believing

7 Myths About Condoms, Which it’s Time to Stop Believing

Remember how many rumors were circulating about protection when we were teenagers? And that someone broke, and that the guys do not feel anything in them… We have collected the most common myths about condoms, which for some reason still believe.

Condoms reduce pleasure

Actually, condoms just might help you enhance the pleasure of sex. “People who use condoms rate their sexual experiences in the same way they prefer to do without them,” Dr. Reagan McDonald-Moseley, lead physician at Planned Parenthood, assures us.

But you know what really makes you happy? No fear of unplanned pregnancies or STDs! You can relax and enjoy the moment instead of constantly being afraid of blundering. Not to mention the fact that the days of “grandfather hussar condoms” are over, nowadays there are dozens of types of condoms: ultra-thin, ribbed, flavored… Honestly, whatever you want!

Or not to the soul.

For reinsurance it is better to wear 2 condoms

Better eight at once. Actually, no. In this case, the “more, the better” principle doesn’t work. One condom is not just enough, two can only increase the risk of ruptures: during movement condoms will rub against each other and can break through this friction.

In general, two condoms can be used. But one at a time.

His penis is too big for condoms

Have you ever seen a video of guys pulling condoms over their heads? No, we don’t incite them to test their strength in this way, just keep in mind that even the smallest head is bigger than the biggest dick. National Health Services claims that condoms can stretch up to 46 centimeters. Tell him not to flatter himself.

It doesn’t matter what condoms size

Just because a condom can’t be too big for its impressive unit doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about size at all.

By the way, the size depends not so much on the length of the penis, as on its width.

  • S – basic: 3-4 cm wide;
  • M – medium: 5 cm wide;
  • L is large: more than 5 cm wide;
  • XXXL, Extra Large: more than 6.2 cm wide in the head area and more than 5 cm wide at the base of the penis.

Condoms are not too reliable in preventing pregnancy

If they were unreliable, they wouldn’t be used, right? In fact, condoms are only 2% unreliable and are still considered effective methods of contraception. But if you’re afraid, you can add sperm lubrication to it.

Condoms are not needed for oral sex

Herpes, human papillomavirus and more won’t break through condom protection. Many doctors recommend using condoms even in oral sex.

Condoms are 100% effective

I’m sorry, but almost any remedy can’t give you a 100% guarantee of protection – it just doesn’t exist. Condoms are 98% effective. A lot, you’ll agree.

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