Finding Women’s Erogenous Zones: a Guide for Couples

Finding Women’s Erogenous Zones: a Guide for Couples

According to studies, the body of a woman is 15 percent covered by sexually sensitive areas, while on the male body erogenous zones found only about 3%. Do you want to have more fun with your partner or alone with yourself? Get started the search!

Where to look

The first areas that come to mind are the genital area, chest, neck and lips. However, it is not even half of the points from which the girl is able to survive not just a pleasant excitement, and a real erotic explosion. Very susceptible areas are on the scalp, on the abdomen around the navel, on the back between the shoulder blades, on the lower back and buttocks. Be sure to explore areas on the bends of the elbows and knees, the inside of the palm, on the ankles and between the toes of the legs. These are the points from which you can start, but not limit their search!
In addition, studies of sexologists have once again confirmed that the location, sensitivity of female erogenous zones and impressions of their stimulation change over the course of life. Therefore, it is important to stop acting on the usual patterns, learn to feel your body “in real time”, be attentive and constantly find out what brings maximum pleasure.

How to look

Talk, watch and listen. The intensity of your feelings directly depends on the ability to listen to yourself, concentrate on what is happening and interact with your partner. Tell your loved one where his kisses and affections are especially pleasant, when to increase the impact, and when it is time to stop. In search of inspiration, turn to erotic film and literature. Discuss your ideas and regularly review your “travel maps in search of new routes!

To the touch

Nothing is more sexy than sensual touch. Gentle and subtle touches, stroking and massage, biting and pinching, scratching and slapping – try the full range of effects. Hot or cool palms, dry or wet kisses are felt very differently. Do you want to try something special, exquisite? Ask your loved one to pat you with your excited dick: stunningly gentle, exhilarating touches!

During the prelude

Preliminary weasels, massage – the best time for research. Boldly include in erotic games objects of different textures – ice cubes, feathers, silk or velvet fabric, beads or metal chains. Better understand the female body will help sex gadgets and exciting cosmetics. Vibrators are suitable not only for stimulation of the clitoris and vagina, but also for massaging points throughout the body.

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