Love in quarantine: 5 positions for safe sex in a mask

Love in quarantine: 5 positions for safe sex in a mask

Your safest sexual partner right now is you. In second place is your permanent partner. With new lovers now it is better not to take risks and refuse at the slightest symptoms yourself-know-what. Wash your hands, don’t touch your eyes and nose, wear a mask and… And here are five poses for “co-like” sex. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

That’s your distance! During the you look in different directions. If it is a new partner (well, or you decided to try such a role-playing game), then avoid kissing, put on masks (both!), and it will be better if you go to oral sex, you use condoms.

Tease each other with toys. Get on his knees, spreading his legs, so he will have a great view. Your partner can arm a toy or skillful fingers that will bring you closer to orgasm. It’s enough to move a little to sit on his dick.

Sex is not only kisses and hugs, but also sweat, saliva … Your partner can sit on the couch or chair and swerve backwards so that you fall on his dick. For safety, you can turn your back on your partner.

Turn masturbation into an exciting game. Don’t just masturbate defiantly in front of each other, but let’s give instructions. One looks and says what to do the second. Believe me, such a simple detail as verbalization of their fantasies, can turn sexual life upside down.

The pose will suit two girls or a girl and a guy who likes pegging. She has earned a bad name for the film Requiem for a Dream, but there is every chance to rehabilitate it.

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