Seven Important Rules for Perfect Sex

Seven Important Rules for Perfect Sex

Information on intimate topics is such a huge amount that to get lost and get confused in it. So we have brought some simple, but to highlight the most necessary, which will certainly help to make your sex excellent, difficult. A few simple rules can make this exciting process much easier for you and your partner.

Rule one: prepare for sex in advance

It does not mean washing your neck before a date and stocking up on condoms. It means an electrified sexual atmosphere. And it should be created long before you find yourself in bed. Start preparing your “victim” in the morning! – experts advise.

British sociologists have even compiled a rating of 20 factors that will help you succeed in this. For example, to maintain the heat in the list is the recognition “Love you!” in the morning, kisses throughout the day (if the day work – smiley-kissers), love notes, dinner together to good music and by candlelight. Then your day, during which you persistently “warmed up” your partner, as if will end with violent sex!

Rule Two: Foreplay

Prelude will help you turn sex into a welcome, passionate action, not an evening obligatory. It’s going to be what’s called platoon sex. By the way, this is the main reason why Italian couples are so happy in marriages – the intensity of passions, violent quarrels and the same violent reconciliations raise testosterone levels. And he, in turn, is a level of desire.

In the ranking of the best examples for preludes also massage, viewing together erotic film, joint bath …

Rule three: Finding sensitive areas

What excites you is not a fact that will appeal to your partner. Those areas to which you respond most often, for example, touching the chest and nipples, most men cause zero emotions, and sometimes even unpleasant feelings. So listen to how and what movements your man reacts to.

Rule Four: Saving Moisture

Many women face such an unpleasant symptom as vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem. There can be many reasons for this – from age-related lowering of estrogen levels to infection and even cancer.

Insufficient amount of lubrication causes burning, vaginal itching, discomfort during intercourse. Some women even try to quickly stop sex. And so from time to time.

Meanwhile, the problem is solved simply, with the help of special means, for example, an intimate gel. Such drugs prevent discomfort and improve sensitivity during intimacy.

Rule Five: Curiosity

Oh, how many wonderful discoveries we have to make in bed. And there’s no need for a woman to be a prude. Don’t be afraid to talk to your man about “forbidden” topics. And all your fantasies. Try, try and try again!

Rule Six: Choose the right time

One of the main misconceptions of most people is that the best time to have sex is at night. But experts think otherwise. In their opinion, the most suitable clock for the moment of X – morning. At about 6 o’clock in the female body the concentration of hormones is the highest, which means that the sensations will be the most acute.

In men after sleep the body is rested, the concentration of testosterone is maximum, it acts on the central nervous system, including the sex centers, and causes the highest erection.

And besides, sex in the morning invigorates. A good replacement for morning charging!

Rule seven: the duration of the “session”

Meanwhile, in sex “a lot and for a long time” – not always good. How many times happened that a girl toils on the body of a loved one and suddenly realizes: yes he snores! Or a man – tries, caresses, excites, and the girl has cooled down ten times and thinks: when he will finish …

The quality of sex does not depend on its duration. Scientists have called the “golden mean” – 10 minutes. What is smaller is considered mundane and hastily.

If it lasts longer, you may get bored.

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